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Getting the best solution for Oily skin care

It is not complete to discuss the topic  oily skin care without first understanding  the cause behind oily skin.Oily skin is caused by excessive secretion of sebum (an oily substance that is naturally produced by skin).As the saying goes, excess of everything is bad, it is also true that excess of this excess Sebun secretion is also bad to the body.  This  leads to clogging of skin pores, which results to accumulation of dead cells that causes formation of pimples/acne.. So, ‘oily skin care’ is as important as the ‘skin care’ for other types of skin.

Basically, the aim of ‘oily skin care’is to remove excessive sebum or oil from the skin. However, oily skin care  should  be done without it leading  to complete removal of oil in the skin.

'Oily Skin care' start with the use of a cleanser but not all cleanser works. The ideal cleanser to use must contain salicylic acid i.e a beta-hydroxy acid that retards the rate of sebum production. Cleansing should be performed at least twice daily and even more during hot and humid conditions.

One has to be careful in selecting suitable "oily skin care" products for their skin as some of these products oil-free. Check the ingredients of the product before you purchase it. Some products may be marked as ‘suitable for all skin types’, instead of ‘oily skin care product’. ‘Oily skin care’ is also dependent on the degree of oiliness, if you aren’t too oily, so some of these ‘suitable for all’- type of products might be work for you too.

In the case of extremely oily skin, only oily skin care products are suitable. Your oily skin care routine can include an alcohol based toner (for an extremely oily skin). This can be the second step in your oily skin care routine i.e. just after cleansing. But be careful as excessive toning can harm your skin!

In addition, your oily skin care routine can include a mild moisturiser. Again, the degree of oiliness of your skin will determine whether you need to include this in your oily skin care routine. If you do decide to include a moisturiser, be sure to use one that is oil-free, wax-free and lipid-free.

You can also use a clay mask (say once a week) as an oily skin care measure.

As far as getting the real oily skin products for your oily skin is concern, you will have to try out few ones before you arrive at the one that is best suitable for your skin.

In absence of desired result, consult a good dermatologist for advice. He could prescribe stronger oily skin care products like vitamin A creams, retinoids, sulphur creams etc , which can help counter the problems of oily skin.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Healthy Eating During Pregnancy

A good and healthy well balanced diet is the best thing you do for yourself and your baby.  So that you'll only need to make a few adjustments during your pregnancy.

Your first trimester
If  it is getting tough  for you to maintain a balanced diet during your first trimester, you can rest assured that your not alone.  Due to nausea or vomiting, several women will eat all of the time and gain a lot of weight in the process. While other women have trouble getting food down and subsequently lose weight. 
It is very important that you work on you feeding habit to prevent manutrition or dehydration duing the first trimester

As a pregnant woman, you need to consume around 300 calories more than usual every day.  The best way to go about doing this is listening to your body when you are hungry.  You should try to eat as many foods as possible from the bottom of the food pyramid.

When it is observed that you gain weight too slow, try eating small meals and slightly increase the fat in your diet. You should always eat when you are hungry, as you are now eating for 2 instead of one.

By the second trimester, you'll need around 1,500 milligrams of calcium each day for your bones and
your baby', which is more than a quart of milk. Calcium is something that's missing from many diets.  Along with milk, other great sources for calcium include dairy products, calcium fortified juices, and even calcium tablets.

You need lots of Fiber, Fiber can help to prevent constipation, which is common pregnancy problem.  You can find fiber in whole grains, fruits, and even vegetables.  Fiber supplements such as Metamucil and Citrucel are safe to take during pregnancy.

Except you are a strict vegetarian, your protein intake is not normally a problem for women who eat a healthy diet.

A lot of women will start their pregnancy off with a bit of iron deficiency.  Good sources of iron include dark leafy green vegetables and meats.  Iron supplements should be avoided, as they can cause internal symptoms such as cramping, constipation,or diarrhea. 

Bearing in mind that it is always a big problem on how you get the majority of the vitamins you need in your daily diet, you may want to discuss prenatal vitamins with your doctor.  Folate is one of the most important, and if you are getting enough of it, you may be able to avoid vitamins all together - just ask your doctor to make sure you are getting the real vitamins that your body needed.
Try  by all means to avoid drug abuse, avoid taking vitamins and other drugs which  are not prescribed by the doctor.

Fast Facts About Potatoes

All over the world, potatoes are the most common vegetable, even being ahead of other well known
vegetables such as lettuce and onions.   Potatoes is cooked in a variety of ways, and they are
included in one out of three meals eaten by almost all everyone.  If prepared in a healthy way, a potato can be an exceptional source of energy and also pack a nutritional punch.

Comparable to oranges, potatoes are very high in vitamin C.The truth is, one medium potato contains 45% of the
vitamin C that's recommended for good health.  Potatoes are also high in fiber and carbohydrates and contain more potassium than a banana.

Potato is naturally low in calories and contains no fat, sodium, or cholesterol.  The skins of the potatoes provide a helpful dose of fiber, iron, potassium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, and several B vitamins.

 Potatoes can be prepared by boiling them, steaming them, or even roasting them.  If it is possible, avoid
 putting potatoes in the refrigerator or freezing them, as cold will turn the potato starch to sugar and cause them to turn dark when they are cooked.

If you want to keep potatoes for future use, keep them in a cool, dark place. Excessive exposure to  light will cause them to turn green.
You can also store them in the basement if you have one, as the basement is the best place to keep potatoes.

Wether mashed or baked potatoes, a potato is something we all know and love.  They provide good  source of nutrition to our body with lots of healthful benefits.  We all eat potatoes, it also very easy to grow our own potatoes for our daily need.  Whether you grow them or buy them,  potato is the one vegetable that we should all eat to provide us good nutrition.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Handling the problem of Heartburn and Indigestion

Heartburn and indigestion is another big problem people encounter. Constant experience of digestive problems can be a symptom of overfeeding, bad food choices or  something more serious.  On the contrary, making good choice of the foods you eat  can provide relief. 

A vast number of foods can trigger heartburn or indigestion by relaxing the  band of muscles at the end of your esophagus so it can't keep out  stomach acid. Heartburn and Indigestion can be  greatly lessened or completely avoided by limiting the intake of  spicy foods with black pepper or chili  powder, garlic and raw onions, citrus foods like tomatoes, oranges, and  grapefruit, fried or fatty foods, alcohol or anything with caffeine  such as coffee, tea, soft drinks.

For a better healthy digestion and to minimize acid reflux, make sure  you get plenty of fiber from a variety of vegetables, non-citrus  fruits, and whole grains. Drink enough fluids to help your body absorb  important nutrients and lubricate food waste, and use low-fat methods  when cooking. Try drinking herbal chamomile tea after dinner or before  bedtime, as it’s believed to have a calming effect on the stomach.   Smaller but more frequent meals can also help decrease heartburn and  indigestion problems.   Be sure to eat your meals and snacks in a calm,  relaxed atmosphere where there’s little (if any) noise or distractions.  Wear properly fitting clothing that isn’t tight in the waist and  abdominal area, and don’t lie down immediately after eating a meal.

Make your morning meal oatmeal. It’s high in fiber, low in saturated  fat and cholesterol and when combined with skim milk, gives you a  calcium-charged boost to your day. By adding blueberries or raisins  you’ll be adding some extra iron and potassium into the mix for a  well-balanced diet. 

You can't beat turkey if you want a lean, nutrient-packed protein  source that'll be easy on your stomach. Turkey is high in niacin, which  helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood.  Chicken without the skin  is also a terrific low-fat source of protein. Both are easy to cook .

Apples and grapes are low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium,  and are a great non-citrus fruit choice for vitamin C and fiber.

14 different nutrient-dense foods that boost good overall health Uncovered

Modern dietary research has uncovered 14 different nutrient-dense foods  that boost good overall health.  These  food coined “superfoods,”  have fewer calories, higher levels of vitamins and  minerals, and many disease-fighting antioxidants.

Beans (legumes), berries (especially blueberries), broccoli, green tea,  nuts (especially walnuts), oranges, pumpkin, salmon. soy, spinach,  tomatoes, turkey, whole grains and oats, and yogurt can all help stop  and even reverse diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, Alzheimer’s,  and some forms of cancer. And where one might have an effect on a  certain part of the body, it can also affect the health of other body  functions and performance, since the whole body is connected. 

With the discovering of these 14 foods as the base of a balanced, solid diet, weight loss  gimmicks and other emerging dietary programs can become a thing of the past  in your life. 

On the other hand, the ill-effects of an unbalanced diet are numerous and  varied. Low energy levels, mood swings, tired all the time, weight  change, uncomfortable with body are just a few signs that your diet is  unbalanced.  An unbalanced diet can cause problems with maintenance of  body tissues, growth and development, brain and nervous system  function, as well as problems with bone and muscle systems.

Poor feeding or malnutrition can result to lack of energy, irritability, a  weakened immune system leading to frequent colds or allergies, and  mineral depletion that can trigger a variety of health problems  including anemia.   And since the body is connected, realizing that an unhealthy body will  result in an unhealthy spirit only makes sense.  When we nourish our  body with these superfoods and complement them with other  nutrient-dense and healthy fresh foods, our spirit will be vitalized  and healthy as a direct result.

Lots of  prepackaged convenience foods are very much  lacking in many vitamins and minerals and these can affect our mental  capacities as well, and cause irritability, confusion, and the feeling  of ‘being in a fog’ all the time. 

 For a sound, healthy, nutritious solution to  curing many of these ailments and more you are to make Superfoods important part of your diet.

Getting Your Nutrition from Real Food vs popping a Multi-Vitamin Supplement

It is a wrong notion that popping a multi-vitamin supplement to get their  nutrients is just as good as what comes from real foods. It is hard time we realize that it is far better to get vitamins and minerals from natural  foods and juices. Our bodies make use of the vitamins and minerals from  real foods more efficiently.
A vast number of people find it much easier to  select a variety of whole foods they enjoy eating instead of trying to  make heads or tails of the entire selection of vitamin and mineral  supplements that are available. And any of us who’ve swallowed a  multi-vitamin or a mineral supplement can say without a doubt that the  taste leaves a lot to be desired.

These food Supplements are also difficult for our bodies to break down and use,  making it difficult to get the full  vitamins and  minerals they contain. Contrarily, consuming plenty of  nutrient-dense food to get the equivalent means the nutrients are going  to be easier for the body to process and utilize, and less likely to be  wasted.  We are also processing nutrients throughout the course of the  day when we obtain them from food, instead of just getting them from  the a single approach.

Lots of the supplements available today use fillers and binders to hold  them together, plus coatings on the tablets themselves. These are  products the body does not need and will not use. Some people find they  are allergic to the dyes and fillers used in vitamin pills. Then again,  the body uses the fiber that binds fruits and vegetables. One should know that  the  “skin” of a vegetable, like the potato, is the most nutritious part.
At times, the vitamin and mineral supplements can upset our  stomachs, making even  taking them even more difficult the next day.

 In most cases, combining supplements can counteract their effectiveness and can  produce stomach upset when dealing with the taste and smell of some  supplements. Conversely, a variety of fruits and vegetables  enhance the flavor of a nutritious meal and their fiber aids digestion.
If you’re looking to lose weight, eating fresh food is vital to a  weight loss plan. Also, eating fresh fruits and vegetables help hair,  skin and teeth stay attractive and healthy. And when you think about  it, fruits and vegetables are the original ‘to go’ food. It’s simple to  grab for an orange, apple, banana, grapes, or quickly toss a few  vegetables together for a salad to take to work.

So when you’re looking for well-balanced, healthy, reliable nutrition,  don’t reach for the  multi-vitamin supplement. Reach for the food!

Do you know that Raw Foods Diet is Beneficial to Your Health?

The benefits derived from eating raw food diet seem numerous! They range from lowering  cholesterol and triglyceride levels, eliminating cravings, preventing  overeating, purging the body of accumulated toxins, balancing hormones,  maintaining blood glucose levels and reversing degenerative diseases.

Users of a raw diet cite numerous health benefits, including  increased energy levels, improved appearance of skin, improved  digestion, weight loss and reduced risk of heart disease etc. Advocates of eating raw food believe that enzymes are the life force of a food and  that every food contains its own perfect mix. These enzymes help us  digest our foods fully, without relying on our body to produce its own  cocktail of digestive enzymes.

There can be some side effects when you are first starting a raw foods  diet. Some detoxification effects may be experienced as your body  attempts to shed some toxidity. This may include occasional headaches,  nausea sensations and mild depression. If these symptoms persist, you  should seek the help of somebody who is experienced with detoxification  symptoms.

Consuming a raw food diet means that you have to carefully plan your  meals to make sure you don't fall short of essential nutrients,  vitamins and minerals. In some instances it might be appropriate to  consider taking dietary supplements, especially when just starting out.   You'll need to invest in some appliances so that you are able to  prepare the food, if you don’t already have them available.  A durable  juicer, a blender and a large food processor make raw food preparation  easy. You may also want to look into purchasing large containers to  soak sprouts, grains and beans, as well as for storage. A durable juice  extractor for your fruits and vegetables.

The best way to begin a raw foods lifestyle is to slowly  transition into it. Try starting off by eating approximately 70 to 80  percent raw foods in your diet. Have fruit and salads throughout the  day and a cooked vegetable meal with a salad in the evening. This  should help make the transition easier on your body and hopefully  lessen side effects associated with detoxification. This is an  emotional time as well, so you should allow yourself plenty of time to  make the switch. 

Reading journals during the process can help. Before you  know it, you’ll be feeling the positive effects of a healthy,  detoxifying raw foods diet.

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What is piles  (Hemorrhoids)?
Piles is Dilatation of radicles of rectal veins within the anal

canal.The medical term for piles is hemorrhoids. When  arteries veins are weak due to thin walls and hence any backpressure in the veins can make them tortuous.There are three rectal veins namely superior, middle and inferior rectal veins.Any obstructions or increase of pressure in these veins can predispose piles.Depending upon the situation there are two types of piles.

1) External piles.         2) Internal piles.

1) External piles:-

This type of piles is seen outside the anal opening and is covered by skin.It is black or brown in colour.This type of piles is very painful due to rich nerve supply in this area.

2) Internal piles:-

It is inside the anal canal and internal to the anal orifice.It is covered by mucous membrane and is red or purple in colour.These piles are painless.

Some times internal and external piles occure in same individual.

Factors responsible for piles:--

1) This is a domestic disease.

2) Piles is seen only in animals that maintain an erect posture. This

is due to congestion in the rectal veins due to the effect of gravity.

3) It is common among individuals with chronic constipation.Those who

have a habit of visiting the toilet due to frequent urge for stool may

develop piles in future.

4) Piles is common in those who take excess of chicken, prawns, spicy food ect.Those who take vegetables and fibrous food are rarely affected.

5) Some ladies get piles during pregnancy due to compression of rectal veins by the uterus.

6) Cancerous lesions in the rectum can obstruct blood flow and result in piles.

Signs and symptoms of piles:--

1) Pain:-

Pain is common in external piles which will be worse while straining at stool.

2) Bleeding:-

Bleeding comes in splashes while pressing for stool.Bleeding may be profuse in some cases.

3) Protruding mass:-

In external piles the swelling can be felt around the anal orifice.In case of internal piles initially it can not be felt.When the disease progresses the piles protrude during stool and will go inside automatically.When the condition becomes worse the protruded piles will not go back in to the anus.

4) In some cases there will be discharge of mucus with itching around the anal orifice.

Complications of piles:--

1,Infection: The infection can spread to deep veins resulting in septicaemia.
2,Fibrosis: Here the piles become fibrosed with hardening of anal orifice.
3,Thrombosis: Here the blood inside the piles will form clots and can obstruct blood flow.
4,Gangrene: Here the tissues in the piles and nearby skin die due to lack of blood supply.
5,Suppuration: When the piles suppurate it can produce abscess with discharge of pus.

Treatment of piles:--

In the early stage, it is treated on the basis of symptoms.Constipation should be treated.If there is anaemia iron should be give.Homoeopathic medicines can give good results. If medicinal treatment is not giving any result the following can be tried.

1) The thrombosed external pile is excised under local anaesthesia.

2) Sclerosant injection therapy can reduce the size of piles.

3) Rubber band ligation around the neck of piles is useful in some cases.

4) Cryosurgery is very effective.

5) Anal dilatation can reduce constipation and pain.

6) Haemorrhoidectomy is the surgical removal of piles.

How to prevent piles?

1) Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

2) Take fibrous food.

3) Avoid excess intake of meat,prawns,crabs ect.

4) Keep a regular timing for food.

6) Drink sufficient quantity of water.

7) Keep a regularity in bowel habits.

8) Take treatment for constipation.


Low back pain is commonly found amoung the modern civilised people.It affects mainly the middle aged and young adults of both sexes.People who work on the chair with out exercise and those who carry heavy loads regularly are prone to get this Low back pain.We can hardly find a person who has not suffered from back pain atleast once in  life time. low backpain is caused by factors ranges from simple reasons like muscular strain to cancer of spine and hence backache should not be ignored.The pain is felt in lumbar and sacral region and may spread to nearby areas.

The following are some causes of low backache.

1) Diseases in the back.

2) Gynaecological problems.

3) Problems in other parts of the body.

1) Backache due to diseases in the back:--
a) Injuries :-

     1) Compression fracture of the vertebral column.
     2) Rupture of intervertebral discs.
     3) Injuries to ligaments and muscles of back.
     4) Lumbosacral strain.
     5) Intervertebral joint injuries. 
     6) Fracture of processes of vertebra.

b) Functional backache due to imbalance:-

     1) During pregnancy.
     2) Pot belly.
     3) Diseases of the hip joint.
     4) Curvature in the spine due to congenital defect.
     5) Short leg in one side.
c) Backache due to inflammatory conditions:-

     1) Infection of the bone due to bacteria.
     2) Tuberculosis of the spine.
     3) Arthritis.
     4) Brucellosis.
     5) Lumbago or fibrositis.
     6) Inflamation of the muscles.
     7) Anchylosing spondylitis.

d) Backache due to degenerative diseases in the back.

     1) Osteoarthritis.
     2) Osteoporosis in old people.
     3) Degenaration of the intervertebral disc.

e) Tumour in the spine:--

     1) Primory tumour of the bones in the spine.
     2) Metastatic tumours from other sites like prostate,lungs,kidneys,intestine etc.

2) Backache due to gynaecological problems:-

     a) After childbirth.
     b) After gynaecological operations.
     c) Prolapse of the uterus.
     d) Pelvic inflammatory diseases.
     e) Cancerous lesions of the pelvic organs.
     f) Endometriosis.

3) Backache due to problems in other parts of the body.

     a) Renal stones.
     b) Ureteric stone.
     c) Cancer of prostate.
     d) Pancreatitis.
     e) Biliary stones.
     f) Peptic ulcer.
     g) Inflammations of pelvic organs.
     h) Occlusion of aorta and illiac arteries.

Examination of a case of backache:-

1) Complete blood count.

2) Routine urine examination.

3) Ultrasonography of the abdomen and pelvis.

4) X-ray of the lumbar and sacral region.

5) MRI of the spine.

5) CT scan of abdomen and pelvic region.

6) Examination of rectum,prostate,genito urinary organs.

Treatment of back ache:-

1) Removing the cause for backache.

2) Symptomatic treatement.

2) Back exercises.

3) Traction.

3) Yoga.

5) Surgery.

7) Homoeopathy.

Remedy to Bad Breath

Bad breath is a frequent health problem in the society.Offenssive smell from the mouth may be due to several reasons.The major reason is the presence of anaerobic bacteria in the biofilm formed on the tongue

.These bacteria degrades the proteins present in the food resulting in the production of some unpleasant gases like hydrogen sulphide,skatol etc
Offensive odor from the mouth in the early morning is seen in almost every individuals.This can be checked  by maintaining oral hygiene.Even after torough cleaning of the mouth some individuals may still suffer from bad breath due to some problem in the mouth or in the nearby areas.Some disease condition can also produce bad breath.Precise cause has to be identified and should be treated accordingly.

Some common measures to cure or reduce bad breath are discussed below.

1) Oral hygiene:

Mouth should be kept clean every time to reduce the bacterial action.After eating, gargling with lukewarm water is very essential.Even after small food particles like snacks,sweets,buscuits cleaning with water is needed.Brushing should be done twice daily.It is said that early morning brushing is for beauty and bed time brushing is for good health.

2) Brushing techniques:

Regular brushing technique should be adhered to for better result. Lot of people brush vigorously causing damage to the gums.Brushing after every food and drink can damage the enamel .Bristles of the tooth brush should be smooth but hard enough to remove the food particles from the gaps.The direction of brushing is the most important thing.The upper teeth should be brushed in a downward direction and the lower in upward direction.This is applicable to both inner and outer surfaces. Then comes the crown of the teeth;here brushing is done in anterior and posterior direction keeping the brush in same direction.This applicable to both upper and lower set of teeth.

3) Tongue cleaning:

White or yellowish coating on the tongue can cause bad breath.This is more well marked in the morning and should be removed twice daily with the healp of a tongue cleaner.  Tongue cleaner must be used gently without damaging the taste buds on the tongue.

4) Tooth pick:

Tooth pick is a small strip of wood or plastic with a pointed end.This is used to remove food particles lodged between the gaps of the teeth .Very useful after eating meat and fish.Should be used gently to avoid damage to gums.

5) Gargling:

After every meal gargling with lukewarm water is useful.For better result little common salt is dissolved in the lukewarm water .Different types of mouth wash is available in the market in different trade names.Gargling with mouth wash can also reduce bad breath.

6) Food  eating habits:

Food containing protein particles are known to produce bad breath.  Example; meat, milk, fish, egg etc.  If these food particles are taken proper cleaning is essential.Some food particles are known to produce particular smell which may be unpleasent for others e.g Raw onion. It is said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away and a raw onion a day keep every body away.Small food particles taken in between can also cause bad smell(nuts,fried items etc).Maintaining regularity in food timing is the best.

7) Water intake:

Dryness in the mouth can make a favourable condition for the bacterial activity resulting in bad odor.saliva is needed to keep the mouth moist and to reduce the bacterial proliferation.Production of saliva is closely related with water balance of the body and hence sufficient quantity of water should be taken to maintain the production of saliva.

8) Mouth freshners:

Natural and artificial mouth freshners can reduce the intensity of bad breath to some extent.Spicy particles are commonly used for this purpose.Chewing spices like clove,cumin seed,cardomom,cinnamon,ginger etc are useful. All citrus fruits can reduce bad odor.Mouth freshners and chewing gums are available in the market.these products are also helpful ,but some may cause damage hence should be used with caution.

If the above solution doesn't work  then consider the following:-
1) Remove the cause:

Bad breath is common in some general and systemic diseases like  diabetes,fevers,gastric disorders,liver diseases and etc. By removing or reducing the primary  cause the bad breath will go automatically.

2) Modern medicine:

If bad breath is due to any infection suitable antibiotics,anti fungal or anti  viral medicines will help.If it is due to any auto immune or chronic inflamatory conditions, steroids  may also be used.Saliva producing tablets can also be used.
3) Dental cleaning:

Dental cleaning done by a dentist can remove the dental plaques and tartar. This can reduce the severity of bad breath.Visit your dentist atleast once in a year.

4) Filling of caries:

Since caries are one of the main cause for bad breath it should be filled by a dentist.Earlier silver amalgam was used ,nowadays it is replaced by synthetic materials.If the pulp cavity is affected by the caries root canal treatment can be done.

5) Tooth extraction:

If caries are deep with destruction of teeth with bad smell extraction is the better choice and a dental implant can be kept in the gap.

6) Tonsillectomy:

Patients with recurrent tonsillitis can have bad breath due to offenssive discharges and release of pasty materials from the crypts of tonsils.Such patients get great relief after tonsillectomy(removal of tonsils).

7) Psychological counselling:

People who suffer from bad breath may be very much depressed and they avoid being in the gatherings or public. .This isolation hampers their everyday activities.Such people should understand the fact that all

humanbeings are having bad breath, but with slight differences in intensities.Most people control it by taking personal care.Every human body has got it's own smell,that may or may not be tolerable for others.They should be adviced to do all hygienic measures to reduce the intensity of smell.Improving the quality of life by all possible means can also help.Moral support from friends and family members are needed for such people.

Some individuals visit the doctor for bad breath without any real problem.It is included under somatisation disorder.They usually complain about pain, breathlessness,abdominal discomfort,bad smell ect.proper diagnosis is needed to rule out any real causes.These patients should be managed with a psychological approach.

8) Homoeopathy:

In Homoeopathy medicines are selected on the basis of physical ,mental,emotional,and social aspects of the patient.Considering the whole aspects, a constitutional homoeopathic medicine is selected and given in suitable potency and dose.By this all health related problems including bad breath will be solved.On the basis of coating on the tongue,type of smell,cause for bad breath,and other associated complaints, a medicine can be given to get relief from bad breath.In the homoeopathic medical repertory by Dr Robin Murphy there are 140 homoeopathic drugs mentioned for bad breath.On the basis of signs and symptoms of the individual a suitable medicine is given.Universally used drugs are arnica, antim crud, pulsatilla, sulphur, psorinum, nux vomica, ars alb, merc sol, kreosot, hekla lava, silicea, asafoitida, graphites, kali bich, acid nitric etc.Homoeopathic mother tinctures like cinnamon Q,kreosot Q,zingiber Q,rhus glabra Q,menthol Q  and etc can be used  for gargling after diluting in water.

Note, if after applying the above named methods, please consult your doctor.

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Seven (7) Cancer-Fighting Culinary Spices and Herbs


Ginger has long been used in folk medicine to treat everything from colds to constipation. Ginger can be used fresh, in powdered form (ginger spice), or candied. Although the flavor between fresh and ground ginger is significantly different, they can be substituted for one another in many recipes. In general, you can replace 1/8 teaspoon of ground ginger with 1 tablespoon of fresh grated ginger, and vice versa.
Consuming ginger and ginger products, in addition to taking any anti-nausea medications as prescribed, may provide some comfort for a queasy stomach during cancer treatment.

ancer-Fighting Culinary Spices and Herbs


Rosemary is a hearty, woody Mediterranean herb that has needlelike leaves and is a good source of antioxidants. Because of its origin, rosemary is commonly used in Mediterranean cooking and you’ll often see it included as a primary ingredient in Italian seasonings. You can use it to add flavor to soups, tomato-based sauces, bread, and high-protein foods like poultry, beef, and lamb.
Rosemary may help with detoxification; taste changes; indigestion, flatulence, and other digestive problems; and loss of appetite. Try drinking up to 3 cups of rosemary leaf tea daily for help with these problems.


Turmeric is an herb in the ginger family; it's one of the ingredients that make many curries yellow and gives it its distinctive flavor. Curcumin appears to be the active compound in turmeric. This compound has demonstrated antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, potentially protecting against cancer development.
Turmeric extract supplements are currently being studied to see if they have a role in preventing and treating some cancers, including colon, prostate, breast, and skin cancers. Although results appear promising, they have largely been observed in laboratory and animal studies, so it’s unclear whether these results will ultimately translate to humans.

Chile peppers

Chile peppers contain capsaicin, a compound that can relieve pain. When capsaicin is applied topically to the skin, it causes the release of a chemical called substance P. Upon continued use, the amount of substance P eventually produced in that area decreases, reducing pain in the area.
But this doesn’t mean you should go rubbing chile peppers where you have pain. Chile peppers need to be handled very carefully, because they can cause burns if they come in contact with the skin.
Therefore, if you have pain and want to harness the power of chile peppers, ask your oncologist or physician about prescribing a capsaicin cream. It has shown pretty good results with regard to treating neuropathic pain (sharp, shocking pain that follows the path of a nerve) after surgery for cancer.
Another benefit of chile peppers is that they may help with indigestion. Seems counterintuitive, right? But some studies have shown that ingesting small amounts of cayenne may reduce indigestion.


Garlic belongs to the Allium class of bulb-shaped plants, which also includes chives, leeks, onions, shallots, and scallions. Garlic has a high sulfur content and is also a good source of arginine, oligosaccharides, flavonoids, and selenium, all of which may be beneficial to health. Garlic’s active compound, called allicin, gives it its characteristic odor and is produced when garlic bulbs are chopped, crushed, or otherwise damaged.
Several studies suggest that increased garlic intake reduces the risk of cancers of the stomach, colon, esophagus, pancreas, and breast. It appears that garlic may protect against cancer through numerous mechanisms, including by inhibiting bacterial infections and the formation of cancer-causing substances, promoting DNA repair, and inducing cell death. Garlic supports detoxification and may also support the immune system and help reduce blood pressure.


Peppermint is a natural hybrid cross between water mint and spearmint. It has been used for thousands of years as a digestive aid to relieve gas, indigestion, cramps, and diarrhea. It may also help with symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and food poisoning. Peppermint appears to calm the muscles of the stomach and improve the flow of bile, enabling food to pass through the stomach more quickly.
If your cancer or treatment is causing an upset stomach, try drinking a cup of peppermint tea. Many commercial varieties are on the market, or you can make your own by boiling dried peppermint leaves in water or adding fresh leaves to boiled water and letting them steep for a few minutes until the tea reaches the desired strength.
Peppermint can also soothe a sore throat. For this reason, it is also sometimes used to relieve the painful mouth sores that can occur from chemotherapy and radiation, or is a key ingredient in treatments for this condition.


Chamomile is thought to have medicinal benefits and has been used throughout history to treat a variety of conditions. Chamomile may help with sleep issues; if sleep is a problem for you, try drinking a strong chamomile tea shortly before bedtime.
Chamomile mouthwash has also been studied for preventing and treating mouth sores from chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Although the results are mixed, there is no harm in giving it a try, provided your oncologist is not opposed. If given the green light, simply make the tea, let it cool, and rinse and gargle as often as desired.
Chamomile tea may be another way to manage digestive problems, including stomach cramps. Chamomile appears to help relax muscle contractions, particularly the smooth muscles of the intestines.


Thursday, July 3, 2014


The intake of alcoholic drinks , wether, gin, beer, pkaraga, kankan(local gin), Enthanol, whisky, brandy etc has caused lot of damage to the body, life and health of many people. Some people have developed mental problems, some have died, some faced matrimonial problems and some have comsumers have dropped even beyond poverty level. Its consumption has an adverse effect to various parts of the body.

Effect on the stomach.

The effect of alcohol on the stomach is tremendously dangerous that it becomes incapable to produce the natural digestive fluid in adequate quantity and also fails to absorb the food which may not digest properly. This will finally result to  sense of  nausea emptiness, prostration and distention will always be faced by an alcoholic. This results in  dislike  for food and a craving for more drink instead. Thus there is  a permanent disorder which is called dyspepsia. The dangerous forms of confirmed indigestion originate by this practice.

Effects on the Liver

The organic weakening caused by the |uninterrupted use of alcohol are often of a fatal character. The organ which most frequently undergoes structural changes from alcohol, is the liver. Normally, the liver has the capacity to hold active substances in its cellular parts. In cases of poisoning by various poisonous compounds, we analyse liver as if it were the central depot of the foreign matter. It is practically the same in respect to alcohol. The liver of an alcoholic is never free from the influence of alcohol and it is too often saturated with it. The minute membranous or capsular structure of the liver gets affected, preventing proper dialysis and free secretion. The liver becomes large due to the dilatation of its vessels, the surcharge of fluid matter and the thickening of tissue. This follows contraction of membrane and shrinking of the whole  organ in its cellular parts. Then the lower parts of the alcoholic becomes dropsical owing to the obstruction offered to the returning blood by the veins. The structure of the liver may be charged with fatty cells and undergo what is technically designated 'fatty liver'.

How the Kidneys weaken.

The Kidneys also suffer and weaken as a result of  the excessive consumption of alcohol. The vessels of Kidneys  lose elasticity and power of contraction. The minute structures in them go through fatty modification. Albumin from the blood easily passes through their membranes. The end result is that the body loses its power as if it were being run out of blood gradually. 

Congestion of the lungs.

Alcohol relaxes the vessels of the lungs easily as they are most exposed to the fluctuations of heat and cold. When it is subjected to the effects of a rapid variation in atmospheric temperature, the lungs become readily congested. During severe winter seasons, the suddenly fatal congestions of lungs easily affects an alcoholic.

Alcohol weakens the heart.

In take of alcohol deeply affects the heart. The quality of the membraneous structures which cover and line the heart changes and are thickened, become cartilaginous or calcareous. Then the valves lose their elasticity and what is termed valvular disorder becomes permanent.  The makeup of the the coats of the great blood-vessel leading from the heart share in the same changes of structure so that the vessel loses its  elasticity and its power to feed the heart by the recoil from its distention,  after the heart, by its stroke, has filled it with blood.

Also, the muscular structure of the heart fails owing to degenerative changes in its tissue. The essentials of the muscular fibre are replaced by fatty cells or, if not so replaced, are themselves transferred into a modified muscular texture in which the power of contraction is greatly reduced.

Those who suffer from these organic deteriorations of the central and governing organ of the circulation of the blood learn the fact so insidiously, it hardly breaks upon them until the mischief is far advanced. They are conscious of a central failure of power from slight causes such as overexertion, trouble, broken rest or too long abstinence from food. They feel what they call a 'sinking' but they know that wine or some other stimulant will at once relieve the sensation. Hence they search for relieve until at last they found out  that the remedy fails. The wornout, overworked, faithful heart will bear no more. it has run its course and the controller of the blood-streams broken down. The current either overflows into the tissues gradually damming up the courses or under some slight shock or excess of motion ceases completely at the centre.

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Choosing a facial skin care product

Discussion about skin care, ‘facial skin care’ seems to top the chart. There are tons of facial skin care products available in the market.  Common among  facial skin care products are the ones that are used as part of daily routine. They include things like cleansers and moisturizers. Toners and exfoliation ones are well known too but not many people use them as such.

The  classification of facial skin care products :

* Gender (There are facial skin care products for men and there are facial skin care products for women)
* Skin type (facial skin products for oily skin, facial skin care products for dry skin, facial skin care products for normal skin and facial skin care products for sensitive skin)
* Age (facial skin care products for old and facial skin care products for young)
* Skin disorder (i.e. facial skin care products for treatment of various skin orders like eczema, acne etc)

 It is important to know your skin type before determining the product to choose. Also note that the skin type changes with age, so the facial skin product that suits you today, might not suit you forever and hence you need to constantly evaluate the effectiveness of your facial skin care product.

The facial skin care products are  in various forms i.e. creams, lotions, gels, masks etc, and a lot of people try to pit one against the other in their discussion on which form is best. yet, one can’t really rate one form as better than another form. What suits you (and whatever you are comfortable with) is the best form of facial skin care product for you, really.

In spite of this, it’s important to note that these products work differently for different people. So the best thing is to try the facial skin care product on a small patch of skin (e.g. ear lobes) before actually going ahead and using it.

Another important thing to consider is the state of your skin. If you are suffering from a skin disorder of any kind, it is best to seek the advice of a dermatologist before you actually make your selection and start using a facial skin care product.

As soon as  you have selected the facial skin care product for yourself, you also need to ensure that you use the facial skin care product in the right way i.e. follow right procedures in its application, use the correct quantity and make the facial product a part of your skin care routine.

The truth about Hair cloning as a solution for hair loss

One of the most interesting recent developments in the search to find new solutions for hair loss has been research on hair cloning. Well known as follicle cloning or multiplication, it involves taking a sample of a person's hair follicle cells, multiplying them in a lab and injecting them back into the patient's scalp. The purpose is to generate natural hair regrowth without the need for invasive surgery. But can we convincingly expect this treatment to become  100% available in the near future?

Sorry to say , the process is not yet possible but research is underway to perfect it. Recent predictions suggest that it is very  unlikely to become available to the public for at least ten years.

The  process is a little misleading as it really refers to cell therapy rather than true cloning. Once perfected it would involve taking a small sample of tissue from the scalp and then creating a culture that would allow the follicle cells to multiply. The theory suggests that the few sample cells would multiply to become several hundred thousand that could then be injected back into the scalp to create several thousand new hairs.

The major fears that must be overcome include the following:

- There is no assuranse that the replicated cells can develop into hairs.

- There is no guarantee that the new hairs will grow to the same thickness, color or direction as the existing hair coverage.

- There is no certainty that the cloned cells do not introduce serious health problems such as the growth of cancerous tumors.

Undoubtedly, hair cloning offers exciting possibilites for the treatment of hair loss in the future but for now, you'd best stick with the more limited treatments that are currently available.

Benefits of Exercise in People with Diabetes

There is no doubt  that exercise can help check the serious complications that often come with diabetes and heart disease. Research has shown that frequent physical activity helps reduce the likelihood of having a heart attack or a stroke, it helps in weight loss, and improves mood.

Exercise can also help you reduce your blood glucose levels? People with type II diabetes who consistently exercise may improve insulin sensitivity and assist in lowering elevated blood glucose levels into the normal range.

Here's how. When you exercise, your body uses more oxygen -- as much as 20 times more -- and even more in the working muscles, than when you are at rest. So the muscles use more glucose to meet their increased energy needs.

At the same time, exercise improves the action of insulin in the peripheral muscles, making it more efficient, so you get more out of the insulin your body is producing.

In the case of older people with diabetes, the decrease in insulin sensitivity that comes with aging is partly due to a lack of physical activity.So regular exercise is of great importance to  you now, and for years to come.

Occasionally, it may seem easier to pop a pill or even take a shot than to put on your walking shoes and hit the trail. But the truth is that exercise, in combination with a healthy diet, is one of the best things you can do to take care of yourself if you have diabetes.

Why you must exercise?

Exercise burns calories, which will help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Regular exercise can help your body respond to insulin and is known to be effective in managing blood glucose. Exercise can lower blood glucose and possibly reduce the amount of medication you need to treat diabetes, or even eliminate the need for medication.

Exercise can improve your blood circulation, especially in your arms and legs, where people with diabetes can have problems.

Exercise can help reduce your cholesterol and high blood pressure. High cholesterol and high blood pressure can lead to a heart attack or stroke.

Exercise helps reduce stress, which can raise your glucose level.

Research has shown that in some people,  exercise combined with a meal plan, can control type II Diabetes without the need for medications

How to avoid fatty foods and build up a health living

It  is to be noted that some  fat in the diet is essential, and it would be a oversight to try to eliminate all fat from the diet, majority of people eat too much fat. Cutting back on fat is an valuable part of creating a healthier diet and lifestyle.

A number of good reasons for cutting back on levels of dietary fat are:

- Lowering levels of dietary fat helps in weight loss and weight management. Fat contains twice as many calories per gram as protein and carbohydrates, so eating less fat usually means consuming fewer calories.
- Lowering fat has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. Dietary fat, particularly saturated fat, has been drawn in as a factor in heart disease and high cholesterol levels.
- A low fat diet may help to lower the risk of some kinds of cancer. Although this matter has not been entirely settled, there have been a numerous studies which indicate that a diet low in fat can keep certain cancers at bay.
- Consuming a few high fat concentrated foods means that you will be able to enjoy many more low fat alternatives like  vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Thesef foods are a rich in  nutrient  and low in calorie.

It is not easy to cut down fat  so we have suggested ways for  low fat healthy eating to help you get started.

- In the place of  spreads like peanut butter and full fat cream cheese, you can use lower fat alternatives such as low fat cream cheese, jellies, jams, fruit spreads, apple butter, mustard, low fat margarine, or low fat mayonnaise.
- Use high fat foods as an occasional treat, not as a dietary staple.
- Ensure to use  reduced fat or nonfat salad dressings whenever possible. When eating out, request the salad dressing on the side so you can compare the amount used.
- .In the place of butter or sour cream, top baked potatoes with plain nonfat or low fat yogurt. Other delicious baked potato toppings include steamed broccoli, cottage cheese, salsa, low fat cheese and low fat or nonfat sour cream.
- Get used to seasonings to add flavor without adding fat or calories. Garnishes like lemon juice, herbs, salsa or green onions are great toppings for vegetables and salads.
- Use high fat toppings sparingly. For instance, instead of using a tablespoon of blue cheese salad dressing, try using only a teaspoon.
- Shun full fat dairy products whenever possible. Using skim milk or 2% milk instead of whole milk can make a huge difference in your daily fat intake. Similarly, low fat alternatives to ice cream, such as frozen yogurt, provide all the flavor and none of the fat.
- Low fat cheeses also provide a great {option to full fat varieties. |A large varieties of hard cheeses are available in low fat versions.
- Use low fat varieties of popular snacks. Ginger snaps, angel food cake, vanilla wafers, fig bars, jelly beans, hard candy and gum drops are all excellent choices for a sweet treat.
- In the place of potato chips, which are very high in fat, choose pretzels, unbuttered popcorn and other healthier alternatives.

Aside to choosing the right foods, the preparation of the foods you buy is very crucial to keeping fat levels as low as possible. Appropriate low fat food preparation starts with buying the leanest cuts of beef, pork, fish and chicken, and removing the skin and fat from chicken breasts, legs and thighs.

Boiling, baking and grilling are generally the lowest fat methods for preparing the meats and seafood you buy. Try to avoid frying foods, and if you must fry, try to use a pan that allows the excess fat and oil to drain off easily.

There are great many excellent recipes for low fat, healthy meals that are easy to make. The most important thing is to be an educated consumer and shop carefully for Healthy, low fat food.