Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"The Dirtiest Place In Your House - It Probably Isn't the Toilet!"

We bring gems and bacteria into our homes through the key we use in opening our doors, through our shoes, our hand bags, our cellphones, our writing pens, our computer etc.

The first contact where these gems and bacteria can be found are the Knobs, handles and switches.Make it a point of duty to walk around your home and wipe off doorknobs, cabinet handles, and light switches?
Once a week, give them a once-over using disinfecting wipes-and don't use the same wipe for more than a few places before grabbing a fresh one.

They can also be found in your Make up bags. Make up applicators are good host to microorganisms. the gems found there can cause body, skin and eye diseases which can be very dangerour to our living.
Wash your makeup applicators woth water and soap. Alcohol can also be good in washing our applicators.

Wet laundry left for even a short time can be a very good home to gems and bacteria.
Transfer clean clothes to the dryer immediately after they are done washing. If they do sit for more than 30 minutes, run them through the cycle again.

If you use a laundry mat or a shared laundry facility, clean the washer drum with a disinfecting wipe. And be sure to disinfect any surfaces you use to fold clothes.

The next place that is dirty in our homes is the Home Office and Electronics.
An office Desk has morethan 400 times bacteria than the toilet seat. This should not be surprising; the toilet is cleaned regularly. And remote controls, computer keyboards, phones, and iPods get touched way more than the toilet. shared by multiple family members and guests, yet they are cleaned less often.

Toilet, Bathtub/shower, and Sink are all involved in this discussion.
They should be washed and cleaned regularly. Use an old toothbrush to clean around drains and faucets. Pay special attention to the floor area around the toilet and the little cup that holds your toothbrush. Note: Don't forget to clean the flush handle on the toilet.

These gems comes through you via your hand, fingers, feet, shoes,hand bags, phones, make-ups and lots of other accessories used by us. You should ensure you wash your hands very well especially the friction (especially between the fingers) and duration are both important. Wash for at least 20-30 minutes every time you use these carriers of the gems and bacteria

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